Cannabis is one of nature’s greatest resources and offers countless opportunities

Today, hemp cannabis and CBD are quickly becoming more and more accepted by consumers across the world; however, this wasn’t the case when we became the first company to begin research to the potential benefits of the cannabis sativa plant.

MO GREEN SKY is the natural choice

With thousands of practical uses, including wellness, nutrition, fibers, textiles, and environmentally friendly construction materials, MO GREEN SKY  goal is to help make CBD an essential part of PAIN AND ANXIETY RELIEF.  With this goal in mind and driven by a small group of like minded individuals.  My husband and I made it our Mission to become an entity that will assist people who normally cannot find help anywhere else.  We take pride in being affordable, accessable, and all natural.

Soil: Incredible products begin long before a product is made

Every little thing impacts the way plants and food grow– from the climate to the altitude, from the heritage of the seed to the experience of the farmer who tends it, and so on. This is why our team searched high and low to find the right farm, one that could adequately source our ingredients and meet our standards.

We also intend to grow and extract our own CBD very soon.  We are already on the way with our first grow.